Bikini Body Dead Sea Salt Scrub (Coconut Rose Scent)

Bikini Body Shower Scrub (Coconut Rose) by Fresh Skin will get your body ready for your tiny Bikini. Lingerie or Dress. Best used in conjunction with the Fresh Skin Bikini Body Lotion.

The 100% natural ingredients will:

- Melt Away Your Cellulite 

- Reduce Your Stretch Marks 

- Minimize Your Wrinkles 

- Reduce the appearance of Eczema, Age Spots, Varicose Viens and Psoriasis

Made in the USA from 100% natural ingredients. No artificial colors and preservative. Comes in a generous 8 oz can.

Additional Information About this Product:
SLIM DOWN: Salt Scrubs are one of the easiest & enjoyable healing therapies that you can do to facilitate and enhance your body’s natural detoxification process – in the privacy of your home. Using a scrub not only boosts your health and well-being but it also strengthens your immune system and prevents disease.
CELLULITE REDUCING BENEFITS: Cellulite occurs when fat is trapped in compartments of tissue where there is poor circulation. “Bikini Body Scrub” by Fresh Skin helps with deep detoxification which can improve circulation and the suppleness of skin. Removing the impurities that are trapped in the tissues and pores helps to minimize fluid buildup.
SPA QUALITY / ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS Carefully hand blended with pure skin loving essential oils, botanicals and the undeniable therapeutic power of pure Dead Sea Salts.
NOTHING ARTIFICIAL: NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NO perfumes, NO fragrances, NO parabens, NO alcohol, NO dyes, NO animal fats, NO petroleum – NONE of the bad stuff!
INFUSED WITH ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILS: The blend of organic essential oils not only aids in the detoxification process but will also create a spa like aromatic sanctuary in and around your tub or shower.
NO SKIMP 8 OZ SUPPLY: We like to deliver value to our customers that is why we provide you with 8 oz container of our scrub for only a fraction of the price what comparable designer skin care scrubs sell for.


Directions: Get wet in your shower or bath tub, rub a large handful of scrub in circular massage motions, focusing on problem areas. Leave to dry for 5 minutes and finish with a rinse.

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