What are the Skin Care Benefits of Our FreshSkin Coffee Scrubs (Part One)

by Fresh Skin February 15, 2017

So you might be asking whether our line of FreshSkin Bikini Body Coffee Scrubs really fight cellulite.

The answer is yes and like all of our products there is the power of science behind them so here is the good news. Coffee contains caffeine and it has be proven scientifically that caffeine stimulates dilation. When scrubbing coffee grinds onto you skin the caffeine from the grinds stimulates dilation of the skin which in turn tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Additionally the scrubbing motion during the application of your our coffee scrubs stimulate blood and lymph flow which also helps plump up skin. Lastly, coffee grinds contain a large amount of antioxidants which also penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production. 

While our Bikini Body Coffee Scrubs can't eliminate cellulite indefinitely regular use of our coffee scrubs will reduce tighten your skin and reduce the appearance cellulite giving you firmer smoother and more youthful looking skin.


Fresh Skin
Fresh Skin